Indicators That Your House Has Mold

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Mold in your home can be a big problem for your family. As such, you need to get it removed immediately after you spot it. And since mold makes walls look ugly, you don't need any other reason to hire a mold removal service. But how can you tell that your house has mold issues? Well, look out for these signs.

Visible Mold

Once you spot mold on your walls, floor, tiles, or furniture, there is no thinking twice about it. There is no way you can ignore the presence of mold in these spots. And even if you attempt to clean it with water or wipe the mold away, you'll still need a mold remediation service. Besides, trying to wipe the mold off might make matters worse because the spores will spread to other spots.

Musty Smell

For your information, mold smells pretty bad. So, there is no way you'll miss the presence of mold in your home. You need to be keen about the smell coming from your house. In most cases, a moldy interior will make your house smell musty. So, if you have noticed a foul odor lingering in your home, get everything checked, as you might have mold colonies.

There's Water Damage

As you know, mold and mildew thrive in wet, dark areas. It's not a wonder to find mold in areas with water leaks. So, if you have a leaking pipe under your drywall, floor, or ceiling, there is a high chance that you already have mold colonies. Mold loves places with existing water damage because of the dampness. Therefore, you'll need a mold remediation service to help remove the mold colonies.

Health Issues

Sometimes mold colonies form in hidden places such as ductwork, attics, basements, and vents. As such, you might not spot the mold with your eyes. Unfortunately, the health of your loved ones might deteriorate after inhaling the mold spores. So, if you notice any health complications related to mold, you should get a mold inspection done. And if it turns out that there is mold, the experts will begin mold remediation.

Stains and Discoloration on the Ceiling or Walls

You also need to watch out for stains or discoloration on the walls and ceiling. If you have bright walls and ceilings, you'll notice a change of color when mold attacks. In most cases, there will be a green or black color on the walls and ceiling. This discoloration is an indicator that you have got mold issues in your home.

For more information about mold removal, contact a local company.

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