Three Key Things To Know About Steam Carpet Cleaning

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Do you have carpeting that does not look that great and you want to take steps to clean it? Steam cleaning can be a great way to get deep within the carpet fibers to really get out the odors, debris, and allergens that you need to get rid of. Here are a few things that you need to know about steam cleaning so that you can decide if it's best for your carpeting.

The Steam Cleaning Process

Steam cleaning is the common name used for this hot water extraction method. It combines a cleaning solution with hot water to remove unwanted items from the carpeting. It works by spraying a mixture of chemicals and water into the carpet, which then penetrates into the carpet fibers. A vacuum is then used to extract the solution, which pulls out everything from the carpet fibers that should not be there. The end result is carpeting that is clean and refreshed. 

The Pros of Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning works so well because it can provide a deep cleaning that other methods simply cannot do. You'll remove all the bacteria that is missed by regular vacuuming, which can reduce odors that you smell within a room. You'll also be able to remove stains that you have had trouble getting out of the carpet, which will be easier to remove once they are soaked in the cleaning solution. 

Steam cleaning can also restore the appearance of carpeting so that it looks like it is new again. You'll also reduce the amount of allergens in the carpet, such as those left behind from pet dander. The indoor air quality is improved as a result. 

The Cons of Carpet Steam Cleaning

Be aware that there is a significant amount of drying time required after steam cleaning is complete. You must be prepared to ventilate the area so that airflow can help dry it out in a timely manner. It's also possible to get the carpet too wet, which will actually trap excessive moisture in the carpet fibers and prompt mildew growth. 

Many people opt to have a professional handle their carpet steam cleaning because they don't want to make the mistake of doing it incorrectly. Overwetting the carpet is very easy to do on accident if it's your first time using steam cleaning equipment and unfamiliar with how it works. Reach out to a professional carpet cleaner for more information about their services. 

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