A Power Washing Company Can Clean Up Your Property After Being Vandalized

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If your building was vandalized and even has some graffiti, you may want to call a power washing company — such as A&S Pressure Washing & Soft Washing — to get your property clean and ready for customers. You don't want the sight of a messy building to keep customers away. Here's how a power washing company can help.

Remove Graffiti When Possible

Depending on the type of siding you have, it may not be possible to remove graffiti with power washing alone. It may require more pressure than your siding can tolerate. It also depends on what was used to create the graffiti. However, the power washing company can use the highest pressure your siding will stand along with chemicals that break up the graffiti so it can be washed away.

Wash Walls To Get Rid Of Debris

If dirt or trash was thrown against the walls, you may need your building washed to get rid of the debris and stains. A power washer is perfect for cleaning the exterior of buildings. The power can be adjusted so the water stream can be used on any siding material without hurting it.

If the power washing company uses equipment that has a soft wash setting, they can even clean storefront glass and windows. The power washer should be able to clean anything on the exterior of the building, including awnings and the roof if needed. They'll not only wash away graffiti and trash stains, but they can also clean off built-up pollution, dirt, and pollen.

Power Wash The Entry And Sidewalk

The entry area and sidewalk might need to be cleaned too. Since concrete can tolerate higher pressures, the power washing company may be able to get rid of most dirt, stains, and graffiti found on the sidewalk.

Power washing concrete can make a huge difference in the way it looks. You may notice the concrete is bright and white again. If fact, your entire building may look bright and fresh once all the dirt, smeared bird droppings, and debris from the vandalism are gone.

A power washing company gets good results with their commercial equipment that has a wide pressure range and hot water. They also have access to special cleaners for getting rid of graffiti. They can restore the appearance of your property as fast as possible and do a better job than you could do alone.

It's unfortunate when you're a victim of crime, but at least you'll have a way to restore the appearance of your building so your customers won't be scared away.

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