Why You Should Have Your Area Rugs Professionally Cleaned

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Area rugs add color to a space. They help keep your floor clean and reduce wear and tear on the actual floor surface, and of course, they add some padding. Area rugs are fairly low-maintenance, but you really should have them professionally cleaned from time to time. Here are the benefits of doing so.

It will keep your home smelling fresh.

Area rugs tend to grab onto dirt, grime, and skin oils over time. You may not notice that this residue leaves a smell because it is slow to develop. But if someone else were to enter your home, they would notice the smell because they are not nose-blind to it. Having the rugs professionally cleaned every few months, or even once a year, will help prevent these odors from developing in the first place. Cleaners use high temperatures and very effective cleaners that remove smelly oils and bacteria.

It will keep your rugs from discoloring.

Have you ever moved a piece of furniture that has been in the same place for a long time and noticed that the part of the rug beneath it is a different color? The furniture did not discolor the rug. Rather, the rug that was not protected by the furniture accumulated dirt and become discolored, whereas the rug under the furniture was protected from dirt and discoloration. Once a rug becomes discolored by dirt, it is hard to fully remove the discoloration and restore its normal look. But regular cleaning will keep it from getting so bad.

It will keep your rugs' texture intact.

Different rugs have different textures. But most start to feel rougher as they age. This is because dirt between the fibers causes friction within them when someone walks over the rug. This friction causes the fibers to tear and fray. If you have your rugs cleaner periodically, the fibers will stay cleaner, and there will not be as many dirt particles to increase the friction between them. As such, your rugs will maintain a more consistent texture as they age. With soft rugs that you want to be able to sit on comfortably, this is quite important.

In many areas, there are several area rug cleaning companies to choose from. Find one that is willing to either clean your rugs in-home or pick them up and drop them off. This way, you do not have to transport heavy rugs, which is cumbersome. 

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