5 Pressure Washing Tips For Beginners

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Pressure washing is a highly effective way to clean a variety of outdoor surfaces, including siding, concrete, outdoor tables, and even RVs. Specialized equipment is used to spray pressurized water at a specific angle to wash away dirt and grime, leaving the surface looking clean and new. Because of the high pressure, there are some safety concerns to be aware of if you have never used a pressure washer before. It is also important to consider the potential damage that can occur during pressure washing, such as peeling paint, marking up wood, and damaging siding. Here are five pressure washing tips for beginners.

Take The Time To Prep

Before you use a pressure washer, it is essential that you determine if your water source is efficient enough to complete the job effectively. To properly prep your water source ahead of time, fill a five-gallon bucket and track the time it takes to completely fill. If it takes less than two minutes, the water source is sufficient for the job. It can also be helpful to clean the hose inlet filter and make sure that all connections work properly without any leaks.

Choose The Correct Nozzle For The Job

Each pressure washer comes with a variety of nozzle options that are ideal for different types of jobs. In addition, there are additional nozzles that can sometimes be purchased separately for specific projects. When pressure cleaning, you may want to use detergent to clean stains, oils, or other tough debris. In this case, you will need a specific nozzle designed for detergent. Other nozzles will adjust the angle of the water to provide a range of power options depending on the job. Always follow the instructions provided or contact a professional to determine the best nozzle for your situation. 

Be Aware of The Power of The Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are designed to release high-powered bursts of water to strip away the toughest of stains and debris, which means that they are strong enough to strip human flesh. Always practice safe handling and never aim a pressure washer at a person or living creature. 

Remember To Angle The Spray

The angle of the nozzle is just as important as the angle of the spray. It is important to stay perpendicular to the surface you are cleaning to prevent damage. For large surfaces, such as siding, use an extension wand to ensure consistent angling throughout the job. 

Wear Appropriate Attire

Finally, remember to wear appropriate attire, such as close-toed shoes, long sleeves, and eye protection, while pressure washing for maximum safety.

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