Questions To Ask A Cleaning Company Before They Begin Services

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If you have a home in need of regular cleaning, and you are unable to perform the necessary tasks required to keep it in a desirable condition, you may have contemplated contacting a cleaning company to work for you. Here are some questions to ask when you make an initial phone call to a cleaning business to schedule services.

Can I Meet With The Cleaning Staff Beforehand?

Most cleaning services hire reputable employees and perform background checks before their staff members can start cleaning processes at clients' homes. If you have concerns about your personal items or if you have particularity when it comes to how an area in your home is cleaned, speaking with the exact staff member who will be coming to your home is important. Make sure you have the opportunity to meet with those who will be tending to your home not only for security reasons but also for your peace of mind in knowing the person understands your specifications for cleaning processes.

What Products Are Used When Cleaning Is Performed?

Inquire about the cleaning procedures staff members use while on the job. This includes the products used inside the home. If you are allergic to a product, or if you prefer that green cleaning agents are used rather than those comprised of chemicals, alert the cleaning business during your initial phone call. Many cleaning services have a variety of products on hand to use in the homes that they service, and if they do not have a certain product you prefer to be used, they will obtain it before your appointment. You also have the option of providing cleaning products yourself for staff members to use when they arrive at your home.

Should I Be In The Home When Services Are Provided?

Some cleaning companies require that their clients are available and within the home during cleaning sessions. Others will allow you to leave the premises while the cleaning staff is on the property performing their duties. It is best to ask the company beforehand what their policy is when it comes to whether you need to be present during the appointment so you can make the needed arrangements in your schedule. If the company does not require you to be at home, they may ask you to leave a key in a pre-determined location so the cleaning employee can get inside your home in your absence.

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