Keeping Your Swimming Pool's Tile Clean

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If you recently had a swimming pool installed in your backyard, you are likely ready to enjoy some fun in the sun in a private setting. If your pool has tilework around the perimeter, keeping it clean is important for your health and the aesthetics of your investment. Here are some tips to follow to keep the tilework in your pool clean.

Use A Pool Vacuum For Tile Under The Water

The tilework that is underwater needs to be cleaned with a special vacuum cleaner made especially for pool usage. This type of vacuum will remove debris from your pool walls and floor with ease. Conduct regular vacuuming sessions as a part of pool maintenance.

Use A Mixture To Remove Stains Quickly

Tile in a pool setting will become stained from the separation of calcium carbonate from water. This staining on tilework resembles hardened sand and is usually gray or white. To remove these stains when you notice them, add white vinegar to a container of water and mix it well. Use a soft-bristled brush to dip in the solution and then brush it over the stained areas. This will cause the calcium carbonate to soften, allowing you to remove it from your pool tiles. 

Try Rubbing Stains Away With Pumice

For harder-to-remove stains, use a pumice stone to scrape away calcium buildup from tilework. To do this, moisten the stone first and lightly rub it against the stained areas. This procedure works well with the vinegar mixture if the toothbrush you used earlier did not perform as well as you had anticipated.

Use A Pressure Washer To Remove Debris

A pressure washer works well at removing buildup from tilework without destroying it in the process. It is important to keep your pressure washer's water impact level low in case you have cracked tilework you were not aware of. This procedure is usually done during the off-season time of year when a swimming pool has been drained.

Keep Your Pool Covered When Not In Use

To reduce the amount of debris that accumulates in your pool, be sure to cover it when you do not intend to use it. A pool cover provides a protective barrier against environmental debris and precipitation.

Contact A Pool Cleaning Professional

Professional pool cleaning services like Vistancia Premier Pool Tile Cleaning can provide detailed cleanings of your pool at regularly scheduled intervals. This ensures your pool will always look pristine. In addition to vacuuming, skimming, and scrubbing your pool's walls, a cleaning service will tend to the chemicals to ensure the proper amount has been added for optimal cleanliness.

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