3 Tips To Help You Choose A Phenomenal Laundry And Linen Service For Your Business

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From employee uniforms and medical bedding to restaurant linens or hotel towels, many businesses have laundry that must be thoroughly washed, sanitized, and folded within certain budget and time constraints. Using large washing machines and automated folding equipment to do double the amount of work, a professional laundry and linen service will take care of those tasks so that you can focus on more important aspects of your business. Not only will a laundry service return your linens to you in spotless condition, but you'll also save money and increase your efficiency. These 3 tips will guide you toward finding the perfect laundry and linen service for your business. 

1) Pick a laundry and linen service with the right machinery and cleaning techniques. 

Putting your company's laundry in good hands depends upon the equipment and techniques that the cleaning service uses regularly. For example, an exceptional laundry and linen service will utilize high-quality washers. These machines typically don't have center agitators that can be brutal on laundry over time. Laundry services also have energy-efficient dryers to finish the job in half the time. As a result, your items won't be damaged during the washing and drying processes. In addition, your service should be skilled in several different cleaning methods, including washing the items at the right temperatures to prevent shrinkage, steaming and ironing wrinkled linens, mending torn fabrics, and neatly folding everything at the end. Be certain that the laundry and linen service you choose has the machinery and experience to fully clean and protect your items.

2) Select a laundry and linen service that understands the importance of using accurate detergents and cleaning materials. 

The wrong cleaning materials can completely ruin your laundry. For this reason, the appropriate detergents should be used to stop bright colors from fading and keep textiles intact. For instance, if your laundry consists of delicate fabrics, your laundry and linen service should avoid harsh detergents or cleaners that contain bleach. Furthermore, pick a service that will honor any requests you have regarding hypoallergenic detergents, fabric softeners, and environmentally friendly solutions. Confirm that the laundry service will only use the cleaning materials that are safest for your particular linens or uniforms. 

3) Make sure that the laundry and linen service will pick up your items and deliver them back to you afterward. 

Hiring a commercial laundry service can streamline how you manage all of the laundry that your business produces. However, the service is the most convenient when it picks up your linens and drops them off to you once they've been cleaned. Driving back and forth from the laundry company's location will affect your efficiency, so be sure to choose a service that will come directly to you to gather the laundry. Look for a laundry and linen service that offers a variety of pick-up schedules, such as daily, weekly, and last-minute requests as necessary. You'll also need to find out if there are weight or size limits for pick-up. The right service will have the capacity to collect your laundry in bulk and return it without difficulty. 

Keeping up with laundry can cause you to fall behind in other areas of your business, but a reliable laundry service will ensure that your uniforms and linens are always clean when you need them. Reach out to a laundry and linen pick-up service today to get more details.

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