As Good As The Day You Moved In: Three Areas To Deep Clean Before Your Moving Day

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Moving into a new place will naturally mean a huge influx of boxes and packing in your near future, but did you remember cleaning? For those living in apartments, rented condos, or homes, cleaning will be a required step of your cleaning process. But where to start? Don't worry, there are some areas that will require more attention than others and the list is not that long. Read on for the three areas you'll definitely need to clean before your moving day!


The kitchen is a place that is likely used multiple times a day and will definitely need a good once-over by the time you're ready to move out. While the exterior and interior of cabinets can just use a quick wipe down with a soapy rag, get a deeper clean going in the fridge and oven. Your refrigerator shelving should easily come out and these can simply be washed in your sink or wiped down with a cloth. Wipe down the interior of your fridge and clean away any liquid spills or caked-on food for a fresh look. Your oven doors, handles, and range should also get a good wipe down to clear away any remnants of cooking. The bottom of your oven can easily be cleaned by using a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and allowing it to sit for a few minutes before scrubbing it well. 


The bathroom is one place you'll definitely need to perform a deep clean. Using a toilet bowl cleaner, scrub and disinfect the interior of your toilet bowl and use a rag to clean the exterior. Bathtubs and showers can also accumulate grime easily so this will be the next thing you'll want to tackle. Using a gel scrub, apply to any grout that appears discolored, moldy, or covered in soap scum. After allowing it to sit for at least 15 minutes, gently scrub away with a sponge. Floors should also be mopped prior to leaving to ensure that any stray hairs that have fallen are completely removed. Give counters, cabinets, and mirrors a final wipe down and spritz a scented spray to help freshen things up. 


The first thing your landlord and future tenants will notice when they walk into your former abode is the condition of the floors. There is nothing appealing about a filthy floor that has scuff marks, hairballs, or discolored sections of carpet showing. Make your floors look their best. Wait until you remove all of your furniture before giving your carpet a final vacuum, ensuring that all debris is completely sucked up and out of sight. For any discolored areas, use a spray formulated for targeting sprays or, if you have access to one, hit it with a steam cleaner. If you have hardwood floors, sweep and tackle with a mop until they shine once more. Now, your floors look just as beautiful as the day you moved in.

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