Are You Buying A Home With Water Damage?

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If you're buying a home with water damage, you need to know what your water damage restoration needs may be. This way, you can be best prepared for the costs and can also be prepared for the water restoration efforts to come.

A lot goes into a home when it comes to water damage restoration beyond replacing carpeting and airing the property out. You may have other things you need to do with your new home to make it move-in ready, including mold remediation and other things. Here are things to consider when buying a home with water damage.

How extensive the water damage is 

A home with light water damage may not need a lot of work, but a home with extensive damage might need floors ripped out and replaced and sheetrock put on the walls. If mold is present in your newly purchased home, then you'll need to have water restoration efforts that include mold testing and remediation.

You'll likely be able to find out what kind of water damage exists in your home based on the disclosures by the previous owner. They should list what the water damage causes are, such as a flooding basement, a burst pipe, or faulty plumbing, for example.

How long the water damage has been there

Sometimes water damage is minor but has gone unchecked for a very long time, such as a home with some moisture under the sinks. Minor water damage can lead to the long-term damage that cannot be repaired without removing wood and other materials or coating them with water-resistant sealants. How long the water damage has been in any area of your home can be determined by your water damage restoration company.

How much the water damage restoration will cost

It's wise to get a quote from a water damage restoration company before you sign on your new home because if it's going to cost a lot of money to get your water damage cleaned up, it can affect the price you want to pay for your home. However, if you've already purchased your new home, you still want to get costs so you know what your renovation costs will be and can budget accordingly. You may have to postpone other home renovations so you have the funds to clean up the more prioritized water damages.

Average water restoration costs depend on where you live and how bad the damage is. If you have questions or concerns, let your water damage restoration company know.

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