Remediating Your Home's Mold Problem

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The realization that your home has a mold problem can be stressful as you may not be sure what you need to know about this problem. Without this type of information about addressing the mold problem, the process of remediating this substance and restoring the structure can be easier for you to successfully oversee.

Mold Does Not Have To Be Toxic To Cause Health Problems

Many individuals are aware of the reality that some types of mold are toxic. However, you should be aware that mold can lead to health problems for occupants of the building even if it is not necessarily toxic. This is due to the ability of the mold spores to trigger allergic reactions and respiratory problems. These factors make it necessary to act quickly to eliminate any mold problems in your home even when testing shows that they are not toxic.

A Leak Is Not Always Needed To Allow Mold To Start Growing

Mold will need moist conditions to be able to start growing. While a leak in the plumbing or the roof can be a common source of this moisture, you should avoid thinking that a leak is always needed to allow mold to grow. There may be some areas in your home that have poor ventilation or that have elevated humidity levels. In these areas of the house, mold can start to develop as a result of condensation forming. These mold problems are often harder for individuals to detect due to the lack of a noticeable leak. If there are areas of your home that have poor ventilation or are somewhat damp, they should be periodically checked to ensure that a mold problem has not started to develop.

Remediating A Mold Problem Will Also Require The Spores To Be Neutralized

Removing the visible parts of the mold colony will not be sufficient for fully remediating this problem. This is due to the fact that any remaining spores may be able to re-establish the colony fairly quickly. When hiring a professional mold remediation contractor, they will be able to use equipment and sanitizing solutions that will eliminate the vast majority of any spores that may be thrown into the air during the cleaning or that may remain. In addition to being extremely effective at eliminating a mold problem, these contractors will also be fairly quick. Depending on the extent of the mold problem, remediating it may only require a few hours. 

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