Protocols To Follow When Cleaning Commercial Window Shades

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The window shades in your commercial building play an important role, giving you the ability to control privacy settings and the natural light that comes in. In order to keep these shades in good condition for a long time, they have to be cleaned. You'll succeed with these maintenance tasks if you follow a couple of protocols.

Spot Clean Stains with Dish Soap and Water

If you have older window shades in your commercial building, or if they just haven't been cleaned in a long time, then there might be some stains. You don't want to leave them be because they can negatively impact the visuals of these window treatments.

You'll have an easier time getting them to come off by using some dish soap and warm water. You can just mix the two in a bowl and then spot clean stains that you find throughout your cleaning routines. The stains should come right off.

Vacuum up the Dust

Dust is naturally going to collect on your window shades, regardless of how clean you keep your commercial building. It won't ever be difficult to remove though if you just use a vacuum to suck up this dust on a consistent basis.

You can use a portable vacuum to easily lift this device up near the top of window shades, and you won't have to get your hands dirty at all. Then you can go back through window shades that have leftover debris for a more hands-on clean that you can customize. 

Use a Shade Duster Brush 

If there is leftover debris and dust after using a vacuum on your window shades, then you can follow up by using a shade duster brush. It's a special device made specifically for these cleaning activities. The end of the brush allows you to pass through multiple sections with just one stroke.

A lot of these duster brushes also have detachable ends, which makes them easy to clean. You can throw them in the wash and then insert them back on the brush to continue your window shade cleaning. Just make sure you use the proper motions so that you don't damage these treatments.

Commercial properties need window shades in order to enhance privacy and also give employees the ability to control how much sunlight comes in. If you put together sound cleaning routines for these resources, you'll have an easier time keeping them clean and long-lasting. 

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