Why You Should Hire Mold Removal Services Before You Rent Out Your Home

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Nearly every home has some type of mold in it. This is because mold doesn't need much to thrive: moisture and the right temperatures create breeding grounds for all types of mold.

Mold doesn't have to be dangerous or obvious to warrant mold removal, and your rental property is no exception. Before you rent the property out, make sure you have your mold removal services company work on the property. Here are the reasons why:

To Protect Your Reputation

If your tenants were to uncover mold in a rental property, they might leave negative reviews about you as a landlord that would affect your reputation. Having mold removal done on your property protects you by keeping the property as mold-free as possible and — should future mold be found on the premises — provides proof that you have done something about mold remediation in the past.

Since you can never be sure when and where mold will pop up in your rental home, have the property checked for mold and have mold removal done between each renter in the property.

To Protect Your Renters

Even non-dangerous mold can cause problems if it's inhaled or if its spores get into the air. You don't want to accidentally put your renters at risk of inhaling or touching mold spores, so thoroughly clean your property between renters, while paying close attention to the bathrooms, laundry rooms, under sinks, and near the water heater. These are areas that might be most susceptible to mold damage due to proximity to moisture.

To Protect Your Property

Where there's mold, there's moisture. Where there's moisture, there's wood rot, floor warping, and other foundation issues. If you have your home inspected and treated for mold, you can more easily discover potential moisture points and what is causing them. Mold removal processes might lead to the discovery of leaking pipes, faulty roofs, or worn-out appliances.

Your mold removal services company will help you identify the type of mold your rental property has so they can effectively remove it. They also might recommend proper ventilation in the home to keep more mold at bay, and can even show you where mold is being treated so you can identify any possible water issues. If you can protect your rental property against future mold damage, you can keep the rental house longer and have happier renters.

Mold removal costs vary depending on where you live and the square footage of the home being treated. Your rental home improvement and repair costs can be written off on your taxes, so don't forget to keep all receipts from mold removal work.

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