4 Important AC Cleaning Steps

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If you have an air conditioning unit, you are going to want to keep the unit clean. Keeping the unit clean will help improve the operations of your unit. That is why it is essential to understand how to clean the unit effectively.

1. Turn Off the Air Conditioner

If you want to clean your air conditioner unit, you can't just count on the fact that it is not running right now. You are going to want to turn off your air conditioner. You don't want to get injured by the moving parts of your air conditioner, nor do you want to damage the air conditioner by working on it when it is moving.

Turn off the circuit that your air conditioner is connected to. If possible, unplug the unit as well.

2. Open Your Air Conditioner Unit

Once your air conditioner is turned off, you are going to want to open the unit. You will need a screwdriver to remove the screws that are keeping the door in place so that you reach inside the unit. There may also be foil duct tape you are going to need to move as well.

3. Start with the Evaporator Coils

Next, you are going to want to start by cleaning the evaporator coils. To do this, you will want to take a soft brush and use it to dust the coils. You can use a no-rinse coil cleaner on the coils to help deep clean them. You will spray the cleaner in place, and it will drip into the drain pan. When you spray the cleaning foam, you will want to spray it as evenly as possible to cover the entire area.

4. Clean Off the Drain Pan

You are going to want to wait for all the cleaner to drip off the evaporator coil. Then, you are going to want to clean the drain pan. To clean the drain pan, you will want to soak it with some hot water and soap and then bleach the drain pan to sanitize it fully.

As you clean the drain pan, you will want to pour a bleach-water solution down the drain as well. This will keep the drain pan and the drain clean.

When cleaning an air conditioner unit, you will want to wear a mask so you don't breathe in the dust. You should also wear gloves. When you are done cleaning, you will put the door back on and turn on the power to the unit.

For more information or help, reach out to a local AC cleaning service.

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