Why House Decontamination Is Important Following A Serious Illness

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Some serious illnesses, such as the coronavirus or the Ebola virus, can cause potential threats to others if a single person contracts the illness. When a person has been found positive of a serious illness that can cause death or other serious symptoms and can be spread to others, a house decontamination process should be done on a property. House decontamination should only be done by a professional hazard cleaning company and all residents should vacate the premises until the cleaning is done.

Learn why house decontamination is so important and when you should have this procedure done. Again, never attempt to clean up after a serious illness on your own. Your home insurance company can refer you to a house decontamination specialist for care.

A contaminated house can cause community spread

If a person has a serious illness and has vomited in a home or had any type of gastrointestinal distress that caused body fluids to get into furniture, carpeting, clothing, or other parts of a property, the threat of a community spread illness becomes more prominent. You cannot clean up contaminated bodily fluids on your own for a few reasons.

First, the fluids may not be entirely contained, allowing dangerous bacteria, viruses, and germs to remain and potentially spread to others. Secondly, trying to clean up a contaminated area on your own can put you at risk of becoming ill yourself, which can be potentially fatal. Call a house decontamination specialist to ensure the home is properly cleaned and taken care of.

A contaminated house can be hard to clean

The reason why you should have house decontamination done professionally if someone has become ill in the home is this: you don't want the illness to remain in the home due to unprofessional cleaning. While it's unclear how long some viruses can remain on hard or soft surfaces, Ebola can remain alive for several hours on certain surfaces and can live a few days in exposed human body fluids if temperatures remain warm.

A home that is contaminated can be hard to clean for the average homeowner, and without the proper safety equipment and tools, you can put a lot of effort into cleaning messes without becoming injured only to not fully remove the virus or bacteria and remaining susceptible to illness yourself. The best way to take care of a home that has been exposed to any type of injury is to have professional house decontamination done, even if everyone who lives in the home has recovered.

Reach out to a home decontamination service to learn more.

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