5 Easy Ways To Build A Clean Office Culture

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The events of 2020 have proven that cleanliness and hygiene in the office are vital for the health and safety of your staff and visitors alike.  And one way to help ensure that the office stays a healthy, clean place to work is to develop a clean office culture.

A clean office culture goes beyond just hiring a cleaning service once per week and carrying on as normal. Instead, it's a new way of thinking and a goal for the entire office. Here are five ways to create that cultural shift.  

1. Minimize Clutter

The less clutter in the office, the easier it will be to keep clean. If your office has many things stacked up, scattered on surfaces, piled on the carpet, or set in temporary locations, consider scheduling a day specifically to organize the space and minimize these dust-catchers. Going forward, make this organization day an annual or seasonal event. 

2. Use Regular and Deep Cleaning

Every office should have a cleaning service that keeps things tidy and clean on a regular basis. Office traffic and usage determines how often to have standard cleaning services done. But don't overlook a regular cycle of deep cleaning that goes beyond the surface. This includes carpet and tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning, moving furniture, and emptying the refrigerator.

3. Schedule Cleanup Times

Encourage all employees to schedule a few minutes each day to clean up their own work spaces. This could be at the beginning of the day or, preferably, at the end of the day. Everyone should use this time to tidy up their desks, file what needs filed, wipe surfaces, and organize their tools. By setting aside this time, you show that clean offices are a way of life in your business. 

4. Make Cleaning Handy

When employees and visitors find cleaning tools handy, they are more likely to immediately clean up a spill or dirt when it happens. Make a small box of cleaning supplies for each area, including the visitor areas. If a serious spill or stain occurs, ask your cleaning service for a special visit to address it rather than waiting until the regular scheduled visit. 

5. Lead By Example

As the owner or manager of an office, you set its priorities and goals. If you embrace sanitation, cleanliness, and hygiene, your employees are more likely to do so as well. Something as simple as taking a few moments of your own time to wipe down a communal area (such as a break room) with disinfectant shows that you personally prioritize health and safety. Others will follow your lead.

By giving people the time and tools they need, setting a good example, and investing in regular deep cleaning services, you will build a healthier way of looking at office hygiene. Want more ideas for your specific space? Consult with an experienced office cleaning service today. 

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