Hire A Professional Organizer For These Key Areas

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If you frequently get stressed in your home because of clutter, it might be time to donate or discard certain possessions while looking for better storage options for the things that you need to keep. Unfortunately, this work can be daunting to tackle on your own — which could leave you procrastinating for months or even longer. Instead, consider enlisting the help of a professional organizer. This is someone who is adept at identifying solutions to problems throughout your home. While you can certainly get help in every part of your home, you might wish to start with certain problem areas. For many people, these three areas are on this list.


In many homes, the kitchen can be one of the more disorganized places. If you routinely spend lengthy amounts of time rooting through drawers to find certain cooking items, for example, your kitchen may need some professional attention. An organizer can work with you to assess how you have your kitchen set up and then offer some suggestions. For example, he or she might point out the value of hanging your pots and pans over the island, as this can free up shelf space below your countertops. Your organizer may also help you to identify certain items that you can discard or store elsewhere to give more order to your kitchen.

Entry Area

Another problem area in many homes is the entry area — either immediately inside of the front door or perhaps inside of the door that comes from the garage. Footwear, outerwear, children's items, and more can all clutter this space. A cluttered entry area is frustrating because you have to wade through it whenever you enter or exit your home. Your professional organizer may suggest more wall hooks to hang items, enclosed shoe storage to get footwear out of the way, and other similar methods of improving the order of this area.

Children's Bedroom

For many parents, entering their children's bedrooms can be stressful because of the mess. While you can limit the number of new toys that you give your children until they part with the toys that they seldom use, this is only one part of the solution. If you feel that these rooms aren't organized, your professional organizer can help. He or she will look at various ways of providing accessible storage. For example, one option might be rolling drawers beneath the children's beds. They'll be suitable for holding toys, art supplies, sports equipment, and other things, all in an easy-to-reach location for your kids.

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