You Don't Always See Mold! Signs You Need To Test

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If you had mold in your house, you would know it, right? It would be crawling up your walls or appearing on your ceiling. Well — not always. Often, mold growth begins in areas you can't see. It may proliferate behind the walls after a pipe starts leaking, or it may grow above some ceiling tiles after a roof leak. It is therefore important that, as a homeowner, you know the non-visual signs that mold testing is required. Take a look.

Musty Smells

You're probably familiar with the smell of mold. Maybe you've smelled it when opening a bag of bread that has gone off, or perhaps you've found mold on your grill cover in the spring, after it's been rained on. In situations like this, the mold smell is very concentrated. In a home with mold, the smell will be more diffuse, but it will have the same heavy, musty quality. You may notice this scent the most when the heat or air conditioning has not been on in a while since more mold spores have had a chance to collect in the air. You may also notice a really musty smell when you pull out your air conditioning filter to change it.

Ongoing Illness

Mold allergies are more common than you might think. And even people who are not overtly allergic to mold tend to feel sick in its presence. If you frequently feel like you have a cold or develop nausea, but only when you're in your home, this could be a sign that you have some hidden mold and could benefit from mold testing services. Even stubborn skin rashes and eye irritation can be indications that mold is present.

Lots of Dust

There are several reasons why a home can become dusty. If you have old, deteriorating building materials, this is one explanation. However, the presence of mold can be another explanation. Mold releases spores, which are basically its reproductive structures —  sort of like seeds. A lot of the dust you are seeing may be mold spores. The reason the dust keeps coming back after you keep cleaning it up is that mold continues to release more spores. Test for mold; you may find the solution to your dust problem.

The signs above definitely indicate that you should have your home tested for mold. It's a rather simple process and should shed some light on the issues you've been dealing with.

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