Avoiding Property Damage When You Rent A Dumpster

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Renting a dumpster is one of the easiest ways to facilitate cleaning out your home. You don't have to take load after load to the dump; you just pile everything into the dumpster at once and let someone else haul it away. However, a dumpster is a large item, and you do need to use caution when it is on your property in order to avoid property damage. Here are some tips to keep your house and land safe during dumpster rental.

Measure your driveway first

Ideally, you will have the dumpster parked on your driveway rather than in the yard, as the concrete or asphalt won't sink like grass under the weight of the dumpster. But you do need to make sure your driveway is wide enough. Measure its width and give this information to the dumpster rental company before they deliver your dumpster. They may recommend a smaller dumpster based on your driveway dimensions. Their driver will also know how careful they need to be when backing the dumpster in.

Lay out cardboard or wooden footpaths

You're going to walk the distance from your door to the dumpster again and again. If you do not do something to protect the grass, it will become quite worn. An easy way to prevent wear is to place cardboard or wooden boards down along the pathway from the door to the dumpster. Pick them up as soon as you're done loading the dumpster so the grass can get some light and air.

Make sure the security gate is closed

Once the dumpster begins to fill up, close the security gate and lock it. You would not want items to come tumbling down off the pile, bust through the gate, and make a mess of your yard. You can toss smaller items up and over the locked gate.

Don't dispose of any liquids

Most dumpster companies prohibit you from putting any hazardous liquids, like stain or cleaning solutions, into the dumpster. This rule is not just for their own protection -- it's also to protect you and your property. You would not want a bottle of ammonia, for example, to get squished in the dumpster and leak out into your lawn, killing the grass. Contact your town to learn about their hazardous liquid disposal programs, rather than putting these items in the dumpster.

With the tips above, you can protect your property during the dumpster rental period. To learn more, contact a company like United Material Management, Inc.

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