Getting Bad Odors Out Of Your House

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If you have moved into a home where there were pets or smokers, or you have a household with pets or with someone who smoked in the house, then you want to know how to get rid of those bad odors. Here is some helpful information on how you can go about deodorizing and controlling those odors in your home.

Start with the walls

If you are dealing with pet odors, then a good cleaning of the walls may be the right way to go. However, if you are dealing with nicotine on the walls, then you are going to have more work ahead of you when it comes to removing those odors as well as the discoloration of the walls. Priming the walls with a product called Kilz and then repainting the walls will help to get rid of nicotine permanently. If you just repaint, then the nicotine can come through the new paint.

Tend to the fabric

A large part of deodorization and odor control around your house will also include getting those smells out of all the fabric. The fabric doesn't only include your furniture but also your drapes and tapestries. You can use baking soda on the fabrics, which will neutralize the fabric, and then you can use a good vacuum with a HEPA filter to vacuum them. You don't have to use a lot of the baking soda; a little bit will go a long way.

Take care of the carpet

The carpet and area rugs will be a huge part of what holds on to those nasty odors. Plus, when you are dealing with pet odors, the majority of those odors will be directly in the carpet because that is where their fur lies, which means their smell will linger in the carpet. Also, if the pet odors come from them having accidents in the house, it will be right on the carpet.

While baking soda on the carpet and rugs followed by vacuuming with a strong vacuum with a HEPA filter can help to control pet odors, you need much more than this when it comes to getting current odors completely out if they are strong. This entails hiring a professional service to come out and professionally clean the carpet. This will cause debris and bacteria to be removed from the surface of the carpet as well as from the bottom and the pad. Contact a company like PuroClean of Northwest Fort Worth to learn more.

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