Factors That Affect How Often You Should Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

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Professional carpet cleaning helps your carpet stay clean and smell fresh. The manufacturer of your carpet may recommend you have the carpet cleaned by a professional at least once a year. But if you have an active household, you may need to have the carpet cleaned more often than that. Here's a look at factors that play into how often you need to clean your carpet.

The Number of People in Your Family

The more foot traffic on the carpet, the sooner it gets dirty and accumulates deep dirt. If you have a large family, you may want to bump up the professional cleanings to twice each year. This pulls out deep grit and dirt so less damage is done to your carpet with so many people walking on it each day. Plus, with several people coming in and out, the carpet will get dirty quicker and will need to be cleaned more often to keep it looking nice.

You Have Pets

Pets can be smelly creatures, and their odors can sink into carpet fibers. Even if your dog stays inside most of the time and doesn't contribute much dirt to the carpet, the carpet will still pick up pet odors and need to be cleaned more often. If you're house training a puppy who has accidents on the floor, then you may need additional cleaning to remove all the odors and stains from pet accidents. Professional removal of pet stains is a way to neutralize the odor so your puppy isn't attracted to using the same spot as a bathroom. In this way, professional cleaning may even help your housebreaking efforts on top of keeping your home smelling nice.

There's a Smoker in the House

When you or a family member smoke in the house often, it's nearly impossible to keep the odor out of your home unless you clean aggressively. The cigarette odor will saturate the fabrics in your house. To get rid of the smell you may need to have your curtains and furniture cleaned as well as the carpet. You'll probably need to have your carpets cleaned multiple times a year to control the odor. A good time to do that is right before you're hosting an event at your home or inviting company over. This will ensure that your home smells fresh for the occasion.

You Are Allergic to Dust Mites

One bad thing about carpet is that it traps allergens in the fibers. Dust mites are common allergy irritants that live in carpeting, and it's difficult to get rid of them by vacuuming alone. Steam cleaning the carpets kills the mites by forcing the steam deep into the fibers where the mites live. By killing them off, you may breathe much easier until their numbers grow again and they start bothering you. When you have allergies, you may need your carpet cleaned by a professional a few times each year.

Professional cleaning can prolong the carpet's life and prevent damage from debris in the fibers. Unlike renting a rug shampoo machine that leaves your carpet excessively wet and at risk of mold, professional cleaning leaves your carpet nearly dry so mold and carpet damage is not an issue. For more information, contact a professional carpet cleaning company like M W Carpet Cleaning Unlimited LLC.

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