Tips To Help You Remedy A Sewage Back-Up In Your Home

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A sewer back-up inside your home can damage your home and can put you and your family at risk of disease and illness from the bacteria and other biohazards its contains. These tips can help you navigate through the remedy and clean-up process to put your home and its sewer line back into order.

Determine the Cause

When your home's sewer drain, sewer line, or toilet becomes clogged and backs up sewage into your home, you first, need to determine what has caused the problem so you can get on with its repair. Most sewer backups occur in the basement where the main sewer line is situated, and can be caused by a broken or clogged sewer line from debris or even tree roots. If the back-up is in an upper floor toilet or drain, the blockage is likely in your home's internal sewer line and can be snaked and cleared with an auger.

Call a professional plumber to inspect your sewer line to figure out the problem. They will likely use their sewer camera to inspect its interior, which will give them visual images of your line's interior so they can remove any blockage with their sewer auger and plan to repair the damage.

Repair the Problem

If the sewer back-up problem is caused by tree roots, the sewer line is likely cracked and will need replacement, otherwise leaving the sewer line as is, the root intrusion will continue and re-block your sewer line. Your plumber can tell you their recommendations to repair or replace the sewer line. If the sewer damage has occurred in the sewer main, the line will need to be replaced through excavation of the area or with a sewer main relining to restore flow to the sewage exiting your home.

Call Professional Clean-Up Service

Because sewage contains a great deal of contaminants and bacteria, you may not want to try to clean it up on your own. Sewage from a toilet or broken or backed up sewer main can contain microbes, chemicals, and other hazardous waste that you don't want to touch, inhale, or ingest accidentally. Attempting to clean up sewage waste from your home can put you and your family members and pets at risk of contamination and illness.

It is important to remove you and any family members and pets from the affected area so you don't become at risk of illness and stay out of the area until the professional biohazard clean-up professionals can arrive. The clean-up crew will remove the biohazard sewage waste from your home and decontaminate all the affected surfaces. They will also safely remove any affected and damaged surfaces, such as drywall, insulation, and carpeting and padding. This process will eliminate all chance of bacteria and chemicals from remaining inside your home.

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