How To Save Your Carpet From Turning Into A Rainbow

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If you have young children, there is a really good chance that your children like to drink colorful drinks and juices, like Kool-Aid, that can turn your carpet into a rainbow if you don't clean up the spills promptly.

Blot The Stain First

The first thing that you need to do is blot the stain. Blotting the stain means you take a towel and dab at the stain with the towel. You do not want to scrub or push the liquid further into your carpet fibers. This will allow the stain to really set in place. Just try to bolt and absorb the liquid without pushing it further into the carpet fibers. Remember to rotate the towel so you are always bolting with a dry part of the towel.

Make A Cleaning Mixture

Second, you need to make a cleaning mixture. The cleaning mixture should consist of a few drop of grease-fighting liquid dish soap, a spoonful of white vinegar and the rest water that you combine together in a spray bottle. Warm water is best.

Spray The Stain

Take the cleaning mixture that you made and spray it onto the stain. Allow the cleaning solution to sit and soak into the carpet for about ten minutes. This will allow time for the cleaning mixture to pull the stain out of the carpet. After ten minutes has passed, using a clean towel, bolt at the area again so that it becomes clean.

You may need to repeat this process a few times until the stain is completely lifting. If the stain is a really strong color, such as purple or red, it may take a while for the stain to lift out of your carpet.

Vacuum Up the Stain

After you have cleaned the stain, if you have a shop vacuum, use the shop vacuum to clean the stain up. The shop vacuum will suck up all the water that you have put onto your carpet in an attempt to clean up the stain. The shop vacuum will ensure that after you clean your carpet, that your carpet is nice and dry.

You don't want to leave your carpet wet. Leaving your carpet wet after you remove the stain could cause mold and mildew to develop in your carpet. You don't want this to happen; that would be a bad side effect of just trying to get a stain out of your carpet. For more information, contact a local carpet cleaning company.

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