Everything You Should Know About Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

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The blinds inside homes become extremely dirty over time, and while dusting and vacuuming regularly can reduce the ill effects of dirty blinds, eventually, they will need to be deep cleaned. This deep cleaning can be difficult for many homeowners to take on on their own, especially if you have more intricate blinds, such as honeycomb blinds. That's where ultrasonic blind cleaning comes into play. Here's what you should know:

How Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Works:

Ultrasonic blind cleaning basically releases many microscopic bubbles on the blinds in order to deeply penetrate both the surface dirt and the stubborn stains. This makes it easier to simply wipe the blinds clean. More and more professional cleaning services are offering this method of blind cleaning to homeowners because it is the most affective, which also makes it affordable, because it's so simple. You should go the professionals for it, and they will either come to your home or you can remove the blinds yourself to bring to their location. 

​Why You Should Use the Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Method:

The ultrasonic blind cleaning method should be used simply because it is better for your blinds. Most blinds, especially wood blinds, are sensitive to cleaning products, and most are thin and can bend easily if there is too much pressure put on them while cleaning. This often happens when the blinds are pressed down on while being scrubbed. The ultrasonic method also avoids scratching on the surface of the blinds simply because there is no need for brushing and scrubbing to remove stubborn dirt. 

When Should You Schedule an Appointment: 

It's suggested that you have your blinds professionally cleaning at least once a year. However, you might consider doing it more often than this (at least twice per year) if you live with pets or kids or you have blinds in the kitchen that are prone to being hit with coffee spills and other cooking spills, as well. You can schedule regular appointments with a professional cleaning company that specializes in ultrasonic blind cleaning. 

When you know these things about ultrasonic blind cleaning, you can see why it's quickly becoming the most popular way to deep clean blinds while keeping them in good condition. Now you can keep your blinds around for longer and have them stay clean and appealing in your home. Talk with professional companies, such as A+ Cleaning Service, today to determine whether or not on-site cleaning or off-site works better for you.

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