4 Tips to Prepare Your Stone Patio for Resurfacing

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If your stone patio is not looking as great as it once did, one way to improve the look of your patio is by resurfacing it. Here are four tips you want to make sure that you follow as you resurface your stone patio in order to achieve the most professional looking finish.

1. Purchase Resurfacing Product Made for Your Patio

First, you need to purchase special products that are made especially for your patio. You want to purchase refinishing products that are made for stones that are outside. Some stone refinishing products are made for interior use, so be sure to read the bottle carefully and make sure that you are using a product made for exterior use.

2. Wash with a Power Washer

Next, you need to clean your stone patio before you resurface your patio. When your patio is dirty, the resurfacing products are not going to stick as well to your patio. Additionally, when your patio is dirty and you resurface it, your patio is not going to look as nice when it is done being refinished as it would have looked if it was clean.

One of the best ways to clean your stone patio is with a pressure washer. A pressure washer will help remove and dislodge any dirt that is stuck in your stone patio. Be sure to work from the middle out to the outer edges, and once you clean your patio with a cleaner, rinse it off with just water to ensure that your patio is as clean as possible.

3. Cover Up Existing Concrete Joints

If you don't want to fill in existing concrete joints, you are going to want to cover them up before you refinish your stone patio. You can cover up existing concrete joints with painter's tape or you can put foam over them. The key is to make sure that they are covered up.

4. Wet Before Resurfacing

Finally, right before you begin the resurfacing process, you are going to want to get your patio damp. You don't need to use a pressure washer for this job, you can just use a garden hose. You don't want to soak the patio, just get it a little damp. Most refinishing products work better when the surface of your patio is a little damp.

Before you start to resurface your patio, make sure that it is ready to be resurfaced. Purchase the appropriate product for resurfacing, clean your patio and cover up the concrete joints, and be sure to wet the surface before applying any resurfacing formula to your stone patio. To learn more, contact companies like Marble Tec Systems.

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