Thinking About Hiring A Janitorial Service? Three Things To Know About The Business Side Of Working With A Janitorial Service

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Most people understand that working with a janitorial service for their business means that they are hiring someone to clean up their business. You expect that the janitorial staff will come in and do things such as clean the floor, wipe down the counters, and clean the bathroom. However, there is also a business side to setting up a contract with a janitorial service.

Getting Started

If you want to work with a janitorial company to clean up your business, it is simple to get the process started: compile a list of janitorial companies and inquire about a consultation. Most janitorial companies will come out to your place of business, evaluate the space, and let you know what they would clean, how they would clean it, and how often they would clean it. They would provide you with a written estimate for how much their services would cost you. It is actually really similar to hiring a contractor for a job. The janitorial company will provide you with a free consultation and quote so you can figure out if their service is right for your business.


When you work with a cleaning service, you should expect them to back up their work. Most janitorial services will send out a supervisor to immediately assess the problem if you feel that your business was not cleaned correctly or properly. They will make sure that the area gets cleaned properly and more than likely give you a credit to make up for any poor work that you experience. Janitorial companies take claims of poor work very seriously, and will always send out a supervisor to fix any cleaning issues that may arise. They want to work with you to meet your standards and ensure a continued relationship.


Next, be sure to ask about training. Most janitorial companies put their employees through a training program where they learn how to clean specific items in the same manner according to company standards. Most janitorial companies have extensive handbooks of all of the cleaning procedures that they use, and they ensure that all staff have the same training and background so their customers get the same level of quality every time.

If you are tired of cleaning up your business and want your employees to spend time on other tasks, call up a few janitorial companies in your area and see if you can get free consultation and quotes from them. Companies like Pap  Pap's Cleaning Service, LLC can offer more information. Choose the company that best fits your cleaning vision and budget. Remember, janitorial companies are like any other business – they back up the quality of their work and train their employees to ensure that you get the best service every time. 

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