Too Much Dust In Your Factory? Reduce It With These Tips

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If your factory produces textiles, lumber, and other goods, it can quickly build up with dust. Dust can make your employees ill if they inhale it on a regular basis. Dust can also clog up your factory's air ducts and other ventilation systems. You can reduce the dust in your factory with these tips.

Clean Your Duct Work

If you rely on an exhaust system to remove and release sawdust and fumes out of your factory, take steps to clean it. Although exhaust systems keep industrial buildings and factories reasonably clean, the systems can pile up with debris over time. Your exhaust system may eventually allow dangerous fumes to backtrack into your building.

Some of the debris can travel back inside the building and cause many issues with your staff's health, including allergies and other respiratory illnesses. In addition, fine particles of debris can coat the surfaces of your machines, cutting devices, and other equipment. If debris enters the equipment, they might not work properly or efficiently. Cleaning the system's duct work can help keep your equipment and workers safe.

If it's possible for your budget or schedule, contact an industrial cleaning service for immediate help. Cleaning contractors can come in and vacuum out your factory's duct work as well as check your building for fumes. Some contractors use carbon monoxide detectors to help locate dangerous situations. After you have your factory's ducts cleaned, install a device that collects dust.

Install a Dust Collector

A dust collection system catches fine particles of debris before it enters your duct work. Some systems consist of special air filters and vacuums that remove particles from the indoor environment right away. You or a contractor will need to change, empty, or remove the collected dust on a regularly to keep the system functional.

It's important to install the system in areas of the factory that experience regular exposure to dust. The areas may including your cutting rooms and production lines. An industrial cleaning contractor can introduce you to different types of dust collection systems and help you select a system that works best for your factory.

Once you have a dust collection system in place, take some time to train your factory workers about it. If your system experiences a problem, such as clogs or power fluctuations, the staff can alert you about it.

You can find more details or information about keeping the dust down in your factory by contacting a contractor today, such as at Airpro Inc.

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