How To Run An Effective Medical Laundry Service From Your Laundry Mat

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As a laundry cleaning service, gaining a contract to perform medical laundry services will keep your business busy each day. Hospitals are constantly busy places that need changes of bed linens, towels and scrubs many times a day. Taking care of the laundry will make then you need to keep on a tight schedule and adhere to certain safety standards. Here are some tips for preparing to become a medial laundry service via a contract in your town. 

Educate yourself on contaminant killers

When doing medical laundry, it is vital that the laundry is not only cleaned but that any possible spread of infection is killed as well. This will require more than just a quick wash and a bleach.  Find the right chemicals to kill viruses and bacteria inside of laundry and linens. Be sure to utilize these on the clothing, sheets, and towels that are brought in to your business. Keep a stock of these contaminant killers coming to your business regularly so that you never run out, even if you are busier than usual. 

Prepare your trucks for pickups and deliveries

Picking up laundry and dropping off the deliveries for hospitals each day will be necessary for the hospital to keep running smoothly. Prepare your van for deliveries of medial laundry by creating a proper environment for clean deliveries. Line the back of the van with plastic and install proper seat covers in the van. First load the laundry that you will be dropping off, then have these properly dropped off inside of the hospital before taking any laundry to load.

Load the linens that need to be cleaned last inside of proper buckets, lined with plastic liners. Place these in the back of the truck to transport back to your laundry facility. Once at the facility, Bring the buckets out of the back and take them directly to the washers. If there were any spills or messes in the back of the van, remove the plastic liners and replace these with fresh ones before continuing. 

Offer a satisfaction sheet

When you have a contract with a healthcare facility, you want to make sure that you are meeting your client's expectations for cleanliness and safe delivery each time. For this reason, you should create a sign off sheet for all deliveries and pickups. Anytime you take loads of laundry and return them, have the person who receives the linens inspect them and sign off certifying that your load met standards. This will make sure that communication and expectations between yourself and your clients are always perfect. 

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