How A Cleaning Service Can Help You Keep Your Kitchen Exhaust Hood Clean

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Kitchen exhaust hoods play a major role in a restaurant. It uses a fan along with ductwork over your stove. The exhaust hood is used to filter the air while cooking and to exhaust fumes, steam and smoke out of the building.

These gases leave a greasy residue on the inside of your ductwork. Over time, this residue can build up and leave your kitchen unsanitary. Read on to find out how a cleaning service can help you keep your kitchen exhaust hood clean.

Why You Should Clean It

The buildup of grease in your kitchen range is a potential fire hazard. Cooking is one of the leading causes of restaurant fires, which makes up 64 percent. It is easy for flames to flare up on your stove. The exhaust fan pulls the flames up through the ductwork, which can be disastrous for your restaurant. If you have significant grease buildup, then it can act as a fuel for the fire.

Call A Cleaning Service

Running a restaurant means spending long hours to produce quality food. The cleanup usually occurs after the restaurant closes. You do not want to clean after spending all day cooking. A cleaning service can lighten some of your workload.

Cleaning companies offer a variety of services to the community. They are more involved than just cleaning houses. Some companies offer specialty services like cleaning exhaust hoods for businesses.

The Primary Cleaning Methods

The most common methods for cleaning kitchen ductwork are scraping and pressure washing. Scraping is removing as much grease as possible by hand. After removing the grease, you treat the exhaust hood and clean it.

Pressure washing is another common cleaning method. It uses a high pressure water sprayer to remove the grime from your ducts, hood, fans and vents. However, pressure washing can get a little messy when using a sprayer. It helps to choose someone with experience. Restaurants should have their exhaust system inspected by a professional and cleaned quarterly.

Passing inspections are a big part of running a restaurant. You need a routine and system for keeping your place of business clean. This means training staff and hiring a supervisor to make sure your restaurant is running efficiently.

Exhaust cleaning is usually done at night. It can also take a few hours to complete. The type of cooking determines how regular the cleanings are necessary. For example, a fried chicken restaurant will probably need more cleanings than a pizza place. If you are ready to get your kitchen in order, then you should have your duct system inspected today. Contact a service, like National Hood Exhaust & Fire Group , for more help.

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