Does Your Elderly Mom Keep Getting Sick? 3 Hot Spots To Mention When You Arrange For Her Home Cleaning Services

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Senior adults sometimes experience changes in their immune system that leave them more vulnerable to common germs that are found around the home. Unfortunately, being too ill to clean only increases the issue since bacteria and allergens tend to continue building up without regular cleaning. While you know that professional housekeeping services help your mom stay on top of all her chores, asking the team to pay attention to these known hot spots for germs can reduce the risk of new infections.

Watch Out for Dirty Handles

Although doorknobs and toilet handles are commonly wiped down when people are ill, it is easy to overlook the other types of handles in the house that your loved one uses regularly. For instance, your mom may touch the cabinet knobs in the kitchen as she cooks, and this could potentially transfer bacteria from the ingredients she uses to the surface. Refrigerator and microwave handles are other areas that could be affected by transferred bacteria during cooking. Ask your mother's general house cleaning crew to make sure to disinfect these areas when she's sick to avoid cross-contamination.

Focus On the Floors

Between your mom's touch-ups and regular professional cleanings, the floors likely stay pretty clean. However, vacuuming alone is not always able to remove dust and bacteria from carpeted areas of your mom's house. Arrange for occasional deep carpet cleanings to reduce the amount of pathogens that accumulate in the carpet fibers. Then, talk to the house cleaning company to find out how they can sanitize hard surface floors during times of illness.

Keep an Eye on Her Electronics

Today's seniors are fortunate to have many technological options for handling every day tasks when they are ill. For instance, your mom may love using her tablet to keep up her socialization, or she may enjoy switching off her lights from her smartphone app at night. While these conveniences make life easier, your mom could potentially be spreading germs with every swipe of her phone screen. When you schedule your mom's house keeping services, ask to have someone clean up your mom's home office along with giving her electronics a thorough wipe down.

While no house can ever be completely free from germs, it is possible to reduce the amount of pathogens that your mom is exposed to as she goes about her day. Once you know that your mom's house has been cleaned from top to bottom, you can look forward to knowing that your mom will benefit from a healthier environment. For more information, contact companies like Perfectly Serviced.

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