Why Your Property Management Company Should Partner With A Commercial Cleaning Service

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Running a successful property management company is all about getting people into houses. Your clients pay you to screen potential tenants, get the renters to sign a lease and take care of any repair situations that might come up. If you're doing these things correctly, you're likely running a very promising enterprise. However, if you are struggling in any one of these areas, it's time for you to make some changes so that you can transform your results. Find out why your property management company should partner with a commercial cleaning service.

Commercial Cleaning Makes A House Move-In Ready

When potential tenants come to view your properties you want them to fall in love with the place. Some people are only going to look at a house a single time before they've made their decision. This means that you only have one chance to make the right first impression. You want to maximize this opportunity and a commercial cleaning company can help you do this.

If a house is vacant for an extended period of time, things can quickly build up. Someone may book a tour after you haven't been in a particular property for some time and you eagerly agree. Upon arrival you find that there is dust everywhere, dead bugs cover the floor and it's altogether an unsightly mess. The potential renter can't see themselves living in such a place and they quickly decide to keep looking. You've wasted time and failed to close simply because the house was not up to par.

Remember:  Just because a house is vacant doesn't mean it can't get dirty. When you partner with a commercial cleaning company they can come in on a regular basis and dust the entire place. They'll knock down those cobwebs so that when you get the call from a prospective renter you are ready to go.

Commercial Cleaning Doesn't Just Stop Inside

If you are the property manager for homes or condominiums where you're responsible for the condition of the exterior portions of the house, a commercial cleaning company can help. They are a one-stop shop for both indoor and outdoor maintenance. You'll be able to get all of your cleaning needs met through the same vendor.

Some commercial cleaners offer a la carte service to their clients. You can decide which parts of each house you want clean and how often you would like it to be done with no problem.

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