How to Clean the Grout on Your Floor with Ingredients from Your Kitchen

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It takes a little special attention in order to clean the grout on your floor. Oftentimes, mopping your tile floors will get the tile clean, but it doesn't do that much for the grout on your tile floor. Even with regular mopping, the grout on your tile floor can look old. You can clean the grout on your tile floor and make it look new again with ingredients that you can easily find around your kitchen.

Make a Paste

The first thing you need to do is make a paste. You are going to use baking soda and water. Mix up three parts of baking soda to one part of water; the water is really to hold the baking soda together. You want the paste to be nice and thick, not thin and runny. Start with a small batch, and use how far that batch stretches to determine how much more paste you need to make to clean the rest of your tile floor.

Make a Mixture

You are also going to need a wet mixture as well. Combine equal parts white vinegar and water together in a spray bottle. You are going to use this together with the paste.

Protect Yourself

You should always protect yourself when you are cleaning. Put on some rubber gloves before you start cleaning and protective eyewear. Baking soda, vinegar, and water should not be that harmful to your skin, but it is always best to protect yourself.

Apply the Paste

Now, take the paste and apply it to the grout with your fingers. Spread it all over the grout. The paste doesn't need to be applied very thick on the grout; you just need a thin layer of coverage over the grout.

Spray the Paste

Now it is time to get out your spray bottle. Take the spray bottle and spray the areas of your grout where you have applied the paste. You should see the baking soda start to bubble up. When you see bubbles or foam, that means that the solutions are working together and breaking down the dirt in your tile. Don't proceed with cleaning until the bubbles stop. This should take very long, usually just a few minutes.

Scrub the Grout

Now it is time to scrub the grout. Use a hard bristled scrub brush or even a toothbrush, and scrub along the grout line. This will help remove the dirt that was dislodges in the process above. Scrub really well around all of the edges and corners to ensure that all the dirt is properly removed.

Mop the Floor

Wrap up the cleaning process by mopping your floor with regular water, no soap. This will allow you to easily clean up and remove the dirt, baking soda and vinegar. Be sure to rinse out your mop frequently and change the water as you work. You don't want to spread the dirt or residue around on your floor.

If you have a large tile floor, you may want to work in small sections until you clean your entire floor. You don't have to clean your entire floor in one day, but cleaning your entire floor over the course of a few days will give your floor the most uniform look. For more information or assistance, contact a tile and grout cleaning company.

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